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Life Transformation Program

I had read about Hippocrates Health Institute in health magazines and decided to attend the program. Immediately, I embraced the Hippocrates Health Institute lifestyle. One year later, I returned to the physicians and was told the cancer had disappeared. I hold Hippocrates Health Institute responsible for all the health and longevity for which I am blessed. I recommend this lifestyle to anyone who wants to heal a disease or improve his or her life."

George Hoffman


Have you been diagnosed with any of these chronic diseases?

Adrenal Fatigue
Anxiety Disorder

Arthritis And Rheumatism

Chrohn's Disease
Cysts And Fibroids
Eczema And Psoriasis

Fatty Liver
Heart Disease

Hypo Or Hyperthyroid
Interstitial Cystitis
Multiple Sclerosis

Kidney Stones
Prostate Issues
Sinus Infections
Viral Infections
Or so Many more?

We have seen amazing results from thousands of people with these exact conditions!



The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program is the world's most comprehensive, natural treatment plan that stimulates and supports the human body's incredible ability to restore wellness through an organic, raw plant-based diet. 

The Life Transformation Program is a three-week stay at Hippocrates Health Institute located in West Palm Beach, Florida on 55 acres of lush and tropical landscaping. The program is specifically and uniquely designed to help you address and reverse your current health challenges as well as replenish the nutritional deficiencies that are keeping you chronically sick, over or underweight, fatigued and not feeling your absolute best. The Life Transformation Program is designed to address the whole person, while identifying and treating the root causes of your condition(s).

During your stay, a qualified and dedicated medical team will work with you in creating a tailored protocol and supplement plan to help you reach your desired goals and achieve the highest level of health and wellness, both during your stay, and when you return home. This program is ideal for anyone who wishes to transform and improve their health, look and feel younger, increase energy and physical fitness, find emotional and spiritual balance, and discover the latest and most powerful natural healing methods in the world!

I just wish everybody could see and know as clearly as I do, how right the Hippocrates Health Institute way is. All my love and thanks!​

                     P.S. I just passed my 10th year as a survivor!"

Ronald Diamond

Hippocrates Health Institute: 
Transforming people's lives for More than 60 years

They were bound and determined to get results and we're certain that you are too.

Warning! The information you’re going to receive here may shock you, it might even make you angry that no one else has told you these things. We don’t blame you. We'd be shocked and mad too. That’s why we want you to promise yourself you’ll read this to the end. You may not have seen this information anywhere before, but we promise you, it is the change you’re looking for!

The Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates is exactly that. It will transform your life and health for the better!

I have received many, many phone calls from people looking for a better way to good health and those who are frightened and would like to survive as I have. I highly recommend Hippocrates Health Institute and want to give you all my thanks forever and a deep appreciation for helping to save my life."

Stephen Fishman

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Our world and food supply has become increasingly toxic and devoid of nutrients

Because of this, we are seeing epidemic levels of disease among the population. Every year, we are becoming sicker. 

There are more shocking rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and juvenile conditions than ever before in history! Many of us are suffering unnecessarily and relying on daily medications, pain remedies, stimulants and processed food to keep us functioning at even a basic level.

You do not need to settle for poor health!

You do not need to live every day in chronic pain, or manage uncomfortable and life-halting symptoms! Many conditions and much of our current suffering can be addressed effectively through natural means, using the right lifestyle and dietary tools to trigger inner healing and support the body in finding the balance it needs to live a pain-free, active, and vibrant life!

With numerous medical and alternative approaches to healing, especially with the vast amount of conflicting information available at the click of a mouse, we know that healing can seem confusing. Please know that healing is possible and you do not have to figure this out on your own!

Many current programs and healing approaches fail

They fail because they are not created to address all essential components to optimal health, while simultaneously removing all health aggravating factors. They also do not offer the education and support necessary to empower you to understand the fundamentals of health, nutrition and your body.

When I came to Hippocrates Health Institute, I couldn’t walk through the airport. I had to sit repeatedly in order to breathe. My health was so bad that I had to sit and cry for three hours before I could make it to my cottage. My entire body was wracked with pain. In 24 hours, my blood sugar dropped within normal range. After eight years of unsuccessfully attempting this, I was taking a high dose of medication. My lifelong obesity had finally caused diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea, requiring a machine for breathing. I had structural damage that severely limited my ability to move, much less to exercise. I took a huge leap of faith: I gave myself one last chance, believing that I was going to die. I came to Hippocrates Health Institute with liver-failure, failing kidneys and a weakened spirit that was humiliating and unbearable."

Susan Ralston

The Life Transformation Program

The Life Transformation Program is designed to address ALL of the factors that contribute to poor health and disease so that optimal health can be achieved.

I began implementing the Hippocrates Health Institute program as best I could, eventually attending the Life Transformation Program at the Hippocrates Health Institute. I worked intensely with Brian on deep cleansing methods, fasting on green juices and garlic for a week and flushing my gallbladder. The final piece of the puzzle was getting the exercise I needed, so I joined a gym. During the next 16 months, I gained 50 pounds of muscle eating 100 percent raw, living foods. I felt incredible!"

Mark Handy

Transform and Thrive

Life is busy! It can be tough managing hectic and stressful jobs, nurturing personal relationships and raising a family, while also trying to find time for even small amounts of exercise, sleep, personal relaxation and activities that bring joy. More and more people are becoming unbalanced.


Most people are sacrificing their personal health and wellness in order to 'keep up' with the demands of life. As a result, they are in pain, exhausted, nutritionally deficient, and battling chronic disease. They might know that they need to do something to change their lives and have the deep desire to do so, but don't even know how or where to start!

My primary goal in attending the Hippocrates Health Institute program was to learn how to thoroughly detoxify my body, purify my mind and transform the quality of my life, all while relaxing in a peaceful and sub-tropical environment. At first, I found it overwhelming and the lifestyle changes challenging. But as I immersed myself fully in nearly everything that the Institute offers, including wheatgrass and juice therapies, delicious, organic living foods with an emphasis on sprouts, colon cleanses, electromagnetic therapies, a wide range of very informative, empowering lectures, and exercise classes, it became much easier. I also enjoyed Nia classes, jumping on the trampoline, meditation and yoga, and used the ozonated pools and the far-infrared sauna frequently. Every day was packed with new discoveries accompanied by experiencing cutting-edge modalities for healing the mind and body naturally. At the end of three weeks, I felt energized, empowered and transformed into a new person. "

Rose Voisk

At Hippocrates Health Institute, we have created the ultimate, immersive environment to support you in detoxification and healing. We know that it takes 21 days to create lasting habits and changes in the body and we have outlined the ideal protocol: the ultimate blueprint that you can follow to help bring you the results you are looking for!

During your stay with us, you will have access to the latest healing and relaxation technologies, learn about your body from the most qualified experts, discover new and exciting foods to prepare, and consume an abundance of the most nutrient-dense, raw plant-based, alkaline, enzyme-rich foods and drinks on the planet.

This program is not about restriction or sacrifice; it is about cellular replenishment, restoration of vital energy and complete healing!

Join Thousands From Around The World

For decades, people from around the world have experienced the incredible benefits of the 21-day Life Transformation Program! Every week, we have dozens of graduates who come together to share their personal transformation stories.

It is truly incredible to witness the immense changes that can be achieved in only three weeks!

From effortless weight loss, the reversal of diabetes and heart disease, the healing of skin conditions, achieving optimal hormonal balance, eliminating deficiencies and the treatment of common conditions of acidosis such as cancers, arthritis, MS, Lyme disease, digestive ailments, autoimmune disease and so many more.

Throughout your stay with us, you will be able to see firsthand the success of those who started the program before you, as well as those who are progressing alongside you. You will interact with them; share your questions, doubts, excitements and results. We will support you, and you will support each other!

You can then return home, armed and confident with your new lifestyle and help inspire and transform those you love!

​​​​This program offers a direct route to improving your health and longevity by using food as medicine and offering you the most nurturing and nourishing environment to begin your transformation!

The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program powerfully stimulates and supports the human body's incredible self-healing ability through an organic, raw, plant-based diet.

This is an evidence-based and scientifically crafted health program. When all possible emotional, environmental and dietary toxins are eliminated, the body's immune system can rest and focus on the beautiful work of ridding itself of unwanted infections, removing the toxic materials that it has stored in the past and most of all building new cells so that it can regenerate damaged tissue and organs. This is the beginning of a new you!

This powerful detoxification and health transformation is achieved using the highest quality organic, enzyme-rich plant-based nutrition. Our top-of-the-line, food-based supplements, alkaline elixirs, such as fresh-pressed, organic wheatgrass and blue-green algae, as well as our protein-rich, blood-building green juices will flood the body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive!

Here are some of the results you can expect to achieve at Hippocrates Health Institute: 

I was able to eradicate my life-long sugar, carbohydrate, alcohol and medication cravings.  At last, I could sleep through the night without severe, arthritic pains that were the result of an acidic diet. Amazingly, I discovered that I was able to concentrate and focus for hours at a time. I now believe that the neuro-psychologist’s diagnosis of ADHD was incorrect and that my behavior was due to my acidic, sugar-filled diet."

Betsy Bragg

I suffered many health problems in my life. At 53, I was a diabetic, taking very high doses of glucose medication, which made me sluggish and tired all the time. My cholesterol was off the charts, my legs hurt, and my vision and my concentration were both blurry. At six feet tall, I weighed 243 pounds. I also had kidney stones, and throughout the last thirty-eight years I had passed over 40 kidney stones, which caused excruciating pain. Six different times I had to have surgery to remove the larger stones from my kidneys. Because of this, I also suffered from a very weak urine flow and I had to wake up from two to three times every night to go to the bathroom....After just a few weeks something happened. It was like I had passed through some invisible barrier and had come out on the other side....I went back to visit my physicians, including one who has been my attending physician and urologist for more than 20 years. He was shocked and surprised when he learned I had absolutely no kidney stones or collection of debris in my kidneys. For the first time my uric acid levels were normal. He was in awe!"

Michel Beaudry

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What Our Guests Have to Say:

The Experience:

The Life Transformation Program is a three-week stay at Hippocrates Health Institute and
it’s specifically and uniquely designed to help you address and reverse your current health challenges, as well as  replenish the nutritional deficiencies that are keeping you chronically sick, over or underweight, fatigued and not feeling your absolute best.

This is a fully-immersive experience! From the moment you step into our program, we are there with you.  
If you try to do this alone at home, we understand there's a lot of fumbling, stumbling and a whole lot of not-quite-sure-what-to-do. Here at Hippocrates Health Institute, you are greeted upon arrival, ensuring that you have access to everything you need: resources, people, functionalities, therapies, buffets and recipes.

This powerful detoxification and health transformation is achieved using the highest quality, organic, enzyme-rich, plant-based nutrition. Our top-of-the-line, food-based supplements, alkaline elixirs, such as fresh pressed organic wheatgrass and blue-green algae, as well as our protein-rich, blood-building green juices will flood the body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive! 

When you leave, you will see the results! The new habits will become habitual and you will have completed the most difficult part of this program, the detoxification process.  When you go home, you'll have passed through the toughest part and you'll be re-educated with new habits instilled, so that you'll know exactly what to do, and we'll give you all the support you need so that you can see the long-lasting benefits.

Your 3-week Stay Will Include:

  • Full medical supervision and blood work, emotional support with the help of group healing circles, energy therapy, meditation and private wellness counseling sessions.
  • Full-body detoxification will be effortless with numerous infrared saunas to help the body eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Attain your highest fitness with a diverse variety of exercise classes such as yoga, Qigong, aqua fitness, rebounding and more. Daily physical activity will help stimulate the immune system, improve blood oxygen levels and keep the lymphatic system (detox system of the body) working at its highest capacity!
  • During your stay with us, you can expect to grow emotionally, feel empowered and get re-connected with like-minded, beautiful people on a similar journey. In just three short weeks, you can look and feel better than you ever have before! 
  • Most of all, participating in this exclusive program will help you build unwavering confidence in your ability to return to abundant health, restore complete vitality and become the best version of yourself possible.
  • Although the physical transformation, both inside and out, is life-changing, the most profound and impactful part of the Life Transformation Program is the unparalleled education and lifestyle training you will receive daily.
  • The world-class lectures and the information you will attain while at Hippocrates will arm you with everything you need to continue the lifestyle at home, increase your longevity and maintain your health results permanently. This truly is the experience and education of a lifetime!
  • All of this happens in a rich and beautiful, lush paradise on 55 acres of organic land in West Palm Beach, Florida, surrounded by loving staff and a like-minded community. Achieve the best health of your life while building lasting friendships, unforgettable memories and connections that last a lifetime.

Upon Your Arrival

Upon your arrival, you will be given a lecture and class schedule as well as a highly detailed Life Transformation Program manual so that you can have immediate access to any information or resources that interest you. 

You'll receive a care package with some personal care products that you can use during your stay, such as a tongue scraper, shampoo and conditioner from our organic salon, natural soap, a breath freshener from our store and more.

The welcoming Front Desk staff will accompany you (along with your belongings) to your accommodation and show you around your new home.

You will take a guided tour of the property, where you will quickly become acclimated to your new environment. You will be shown the beautiful grounds consisting of the Oasis Therapy Center, Hippocrates Store, Become Organic Salon and various amenities such as our numerous mineral pools, library, the various infrared saunas, exercise facilities and yoga/meditation yurts. The tour will also include the relaxation lake, the wheatgrass and juicing bar, the main dining hall, the medical building, a breakdown of the amazing food and everything else you will need to feel comfortable and excited about your stay!

The Following Day

The following day will include some core lectures and an obligatory 3-hour orientation, where our qualified staff will discuss details of the program and diet, including blood draw preparation, specifics on complimentary therapies/services, the benefits of wheatgrass, the buffet and green juice schedule, colon cleansing procedures such as implants and enemas, how to schedule any services that interest you and everything else you may need to get the most profound and life-changing results from your 3-week Life Transformation Program.

Your Weekly Schedule

A weekly schedule is released every Friday with a list of all the upcoming events, lectures and classes so that you can set your ideal schedule for the coming week.

Your 3-week, Pre-scheduled Complimentary Services and Appointments Will Include:

  • 2 blood draws to track your progress (one upon arrival and one before departing)
  • Consultations with our on-site Medical Team to review your test results and progress
  • A detailed biofeedback health diagnosis and analysis (to determine any underlying health problems, infections, immune disturbances, hormonal abnormalities or energy imbalance in your organs.)
  • A Biofeedback Consultation with our Head Nurse to discuss the results of your Biofeedback testing and to receive a personalized supplement plan, suggested therapies/IV treatments, and any specified or tailored dietary recommendations you may need from the kitchen (such as extra breakfast, avocados, flax seed oil, additional sprouted nut milks, etc.).
  • leaf
    You have numerous complimentary services included in your program, and many of them will be pre-scheduled for you during your first week on campus and explained to you on your schedule handout upon arrival.

Your Pre-scheduled Services and Appointments Will Include:

  • 1 Colonic Therapy
  • 2 Medical Team Consultations
  • 1 H-Wave Consultation
  • 1 Initial Nurse Consultation and Biofeedback Analysis

Your Non-scheduled Services Will Include:

There are many additional services included in your program that will not be pre-booked for you. This is to ensure you the highest level of freedom, relaxation and flexibility in your schedule and allows you to strategically place your appointments/services in a way that is convenient for you and enables you to attend any desired lectures or classes.

Don't worry, if at any point you require support or assistance, plenty of staff members throughout campus will be able to help you with any of your scheduling needs!
  • Two wellness counseling consultations (one during week 1 and one during week 3)
  • Fitness Center Introduction
  • 1 NuCalm relaxation therapy session
  • leaf
    1 Ondamed Treatment
  • leaf
    1 QRS therapy session
  • leaf
    1 Theragem Therapy session
  • leaf
    1 Soft Laser treatment session
  • leaf
    3 Swedish Massage (one per week)
  • leaf
    Turbo Sonic (as desired)
  • leaf
    1 Viofor Therapy session

The Life Transformation Program Also Includes Unlimited Access To:

  • Infrared saunas
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise classes
  • Meditation classes
  • leaf
    Yoga classes
  • leaf
    Twice-daily wheatgrass juice
  • leaf
    All lectures
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf
    All common relaxation areas and walking trails throughout the lush property
  • leaf
    Group therapy sessions (healing circle, journaling class, etc.)
  • leaf
    Cooking and recipe classes
  • leaf
    Participation in our weekly outing (scheduled for Saturdays after breakfast)

Your High-quality Nutrition Includes:

  • Daily breakfast (hot or raw)
  • 2 delicious, plant-based organic, buffet-style meals served from 12:30  to 2 PM and 5:30 to 7 PM
  • Organic fresh-pressed, protein-rich green juices served twice daily at 10 AM and 4 PM
  • leaf
    Organic, raw E3Live algae served  3 days weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 10 AM and 4 PM
  • leaf
    Unlimited flax water for digestive wellness
  • leaf
    Raw, ice-cream dessert on Saturday nights
  • leaf
    Unlimited, organic fruit buffet (if applicable) served twice weekly: Sunday from 8:30 AM- 10:30 AM and Thursday from 8:30 AM-10:30 AM

​​​​During the Life Transformation Program, you will learn:

  • The latest healing modalities and technologies
  • How to lose or gain weight effortlessly
  • How to juice both wheatgrass and green juices
  • leaf
    How to grow and sprout your own foods
  • leaf
    How to overcome food addictions and adopt an ideal dietary program
  • leaf
    The benefits of wheatgrass and sprouts for treating disease
  • leaf
    The benefits of an alkaline, raw, plant-based diet
  • leaf
    The benefits of colonics, enemas and wheatgrass implants for cleansing the colon and liver
  • leaf
    The benefits of intermittent fasting
  • leaf
    The benefits of meditation
  • leaf
    The benefits of enzymes
  • leaf
    The benefits of natural dentistry
  • leaf
    The benefits of algae
  • leaf
    The benefits of dry skin brushing and a live demonstration
  • leaf
    How to move your lymphatic system for detoxification
  • leaf
    The benefits of infrared saunas for heavy-metal detox

And so much more...

It's Time

Hippocrates Health Institute has spent decades creating the most comprehensive, effective and affordable health and wellness education program in the world! We would love it if you take all of our information, apply it, and transform your life on your own.

However, it's been our experience that with so much information and so many changes, that it can be overwhelming and just too much to take on by yourself.  That's exactly why we've created this program, to immerse you in the knowledge, the food, the environment and the support all at once so that transformation is ensured.  

Why 21 days?

Week 1: Detox

You are unique, and so is your detoxing process. Throughout the course of our lives, we accumulate a toxic load from the foods we eat, to the air we breathe. During the first week of your Life Transformation Program, you will go through a deep, internal cleanse as you consume the most nutrient-dense foods and juices, and participate in our state-of-the-art, holistic therapies.

We're here to support you, starting on Day 1.  We'll introduce you to a raw, vegan diet and we'll re-educate you and guide and support you through the difficult, habit-changing experience called detoxification. This is an opportunity for you to experience something that you'll never be able to replicate at home. 

Week 2: Grow

The fog has lifted. On your second consecutive week of the Life Transformation Program, the symptoms of detox have subsided and you are striving to fully take advantage of the resources that surround you. Make it to our eye-opening lectures and instructional classes, take a long soak in the mineral pools, relax in the infrared saunas or walk/jog on one of our many nature trails and you’ll be glad you did!

Week 3: Transform

You are not the same person who first stepped foot into the Institute. You have achieved the 21 days it takes to renounce bad habits, and adopt new healthy practices. We find our guests are looking and feeling their best by the third consecutive week of the Life Transformation Program. These guests often become our biggest fans; their transformation and new zest for life shines long after they complete the program. 

Hippocrates Health Institute has spent decades creating the most comprehensive, effective and most affordable health and wellness education program in the world!

We feel that much of our modern suffering is unnecessary and believe in the incredible power of the human body's inner-healing ability. It is our view that every single person deserves to be healthy, happy and live a pain-free, energetic life.

It is because of this that we have done our very best to provide you with the most competitive, immensely informative, highly affordable, easily accessible, integrative-wellness program in the world so that you can have the most exceptional, healing experience possible.

What this is not:

We feel confident that you will not find better nourishment, care, services, education, rates or value in any other holistic healing center or teaching institute!

We are not offering you another superficial Band-Aid approach to 'cover up' your symptoms. This is a not a gimmick, or a temporary quick-fix that will result in rebound weight-gain and continued health decline. This program is the real-deal and its teachings cannot be found anywhere else!

We are offering you a chance to finally take responsibility for your life, your health and your future. We are offering you a structured map of exactly how you can recover your health, prevent pre-mature aging, help contribute to a sustainable planet and most of all, allow you to begin the process of becoming the very best version of yourself!


The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program is meticulously designed to teach you a highly-effective, fool-proof diet and lifestyle plan that can help bring you the results and health that you both crave and deserve. It will show you a way of being that cannot only help with the elimination of your current symptoms and ailments, but one that also helps prevent future diseases.

Don't forget to reserve your stay as soon as possible so that we can be sure to accommodate you!

To Book Your Free Consultation or to Reserve your Life Transformation Program click here:

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