It’s time to reclaim a food supply without dangerous genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And we can do it — together. When European consumers said no to GMOs, the food companies kicked them out. As more and more U.S. consumers rejected GM bovine growth hormone, most dairies and brands, including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Kroger, Dannon and Yoplait, responded. Now we are joining forces nationwide in the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America — designed to achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs to force them out of the market. It is past time for us to look to the government to bail us out of this mess. We are on the top of the food chain, and we can make things happen — together.

October is Non-GMO Month and 10-10-10 is Non-GMO Day

Between now and then, we will send out a series of articles you won’t want to miss.

Find out:

  1. About the serious, documented health risks of genetically modified (GM) foods.
  2. Why children and pregnant women are most at risk.
  3. How scientists who uncovered these findings were threatened, vilified and fired.
  4. About the sneaky ways the industry scientists rig their research to avoid problems.
  5. The way the biotech industry hijacked the FDA and regulators worldwide, and ignored the warnings of their own scientists about GMO health risks.
  6. Which brands are non-GMO so you can protect yourself and your family.
  7. What you can do to make this campaign go viral. 8Why even 5% of U.S. consumers choosing healthier non-GMO brands could achieve a tipping point, eliminating GMOs for the rest of the nation
  8. To learn more about the health dangers of GMOs, and what you can do to help end the genetic engineering of our food supply, visit Click the Newsletter link for Non-GMO Day updates. To learn how to choose healthier non-GMO brands, visit

    Vol 30 Issue 3  Page 9


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