Non Toxic Cleaners for your Home


Clean is made from organic, Ecocert and ToxicFree® ingredients that remove hard water and tough stains, yet is completely biodegradable and safe. It replaces over 10 products in your home, including the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, effectively cutting through stubborn grease and more. To Use Note: Clean is a concentrate and makes 16 bottles of cleaner when diluted. $29.95


Strong is made from acetic acid (the core ingredient found in vinegar in its highly concentrated form), concentrated citric acid (derived from natural fruits), sodium chloride (salt), potassium acetate (a combination of potassium and acetic acid), to further enhance the product’s ability to break up oils and organic materials. Individually, the active ingredients in Strong are known to be effective against many types of bacteria, mold and mildew, and together represent a potent formula that replaces more than 10 products in your garage, those used for the home exterior, as well as tough jobs and stain removal inside the home. $29.95


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