Beginning in January 2001, I had the pleasure of facilitating the first Nutripuncture conference in the United States. The success has been tremendous and the practical demonstrations were conclusive.

Nutripuncture works like Acupuncture, without the needles. Instead, it uses nutrients which are small tablets imprinted with a homeopathic dilution, having an immediate action on a cellular level of the organs. It restores the information and the function of the organs and emotional blockages.

These nutrients were engineered in France and have been sold over the counter in French Pharmacies since 1985 and now they are sold throughout the world.

Nutripuncture appears to be an extremely efficient way to restore the vital currents of the body (called Meridians in Acupuncture). This was accomplished through intensive research that clearly linked emotional behavior and physical health. The link between behavior issues and health is now proven and is demonstrated easily at each lecture using Nutripuncture.

When conducting conferences, we often see several cases wherein someone has an acre of pain immediately solved through the consumption of the Nutripuncture supplement. Since the individuals do not have preconceived ideas about the methodology, placebo does not play a role in these results.

This French technology has become a part of the 21st century Hippocrates program and the Institute has invited me back for five more sessions this year. The next will be a special weekend conference at Hippocrates on April 12, 2002 with an optional dolphin encounter for April 13, 2002 in the Florida Keys. Dr. Romieu will be speaking on Sexuality and Nutripuncture, Anna Maria & Brian Clement will present their view on how this expedites the healing process. I will lay out in clear and concise terms how one can employ this in their life and health.

Jean-Loup Fayolle (President of the Biosphere International Foundation.)

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