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Healthy eating is best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods.1 Lifestyle medicine is primarily the use of optimal nutrition (a whole foods, plant-based diet) and exercise in the prevention, arrest, and reversal of chronic conditions.2 The future of health care will involve an evolution toward a paradigm where the prevention and treatment of disease is centered, not on a pill or surgical procedure, but on another serving of fruits and vegetables.1

Many physicians are not stressing the importance of plant-based diets as a first-line treatment for chronic illnesses, coronary artery disease and stroke.3 This could be because of a lack of awareness of these diets or a lack of patient education resources.1 This creates an opportunity for those wanting to lead by educating others with a plant-based lifestyle. Plant-based eating is a powerful tool in the toolbox.4 Healthcare will only reach its full potential with the integration of traditional medical care, which relies on the application of pharmacologic and surgical intervention after the development of illnesses, and lifestyle medicine, the use of optimal nutrition and exercise.2

With the ever-increasing body of evidence in support of the health advantages of plant-based nutrition, there is a need for guidance on implementing its practice.4 Lifestyle medicine is a new disciple that is recently emerging as a systematic approach for the prevention and management of chronic degenerative disease. Lifestyle medicine is the future of healthcare.5

Lifestyle medicine bridges the gap between “standard” medical and patient-centered treatment.3 It promotes healthy eating, which is best achieved with a plant-based diet.1 It also includes management of various issues, like mood states, skin health, pain, and illness, without having input from several specialties.6

A study was conducted to test the efficacy of health coaching in reducing symptoms of cardiovascular disease. This multicenter study was conducted on 792 patients, which were divided in two groups, one was given usual care while the other was given health coaching via mail and telephone.

Results showed that patients with coaching had a massively lower amount of total cholesterol, and LDL-C, compared to usual care patients. Moreover, the group which had received health coaching lost more weight, exercised more, showed less anxiety, had better quality of life and overall shown better health outcomes. 7

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Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum has been designed to empower you to be successful at achieving extraordinary personal health once and for all, and to develop a career in teaching others Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach. The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program, comprised of 20 courses, will teach you the science and show you how to practically implement an organic, vegan, raw and living foods, plant-based diet and healthy, sustainable lifestyle with cutting-edge research and science, and train you to become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach.

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Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program Testimonials

"The online program is more than what and when to eat it. It's more than growing and eating sprouts. The program masterfully, washed the material and message over me many times, in many different ways, and by many different people in their lectures. In this way, the message got through to my core, challenged me, changed my way of thinking, changed what I believed, and had a profound effect on my lifestyle and my family. The program is a blessing for me and enabled me to lead my family to a healthier lifestyle as well. We are all now going in the direction of living a vegan diet as I strive to live the HHI diet. I think it's great that I am able to improve my health and outlook and helping me to teach my family to care for themselves and the planet is more than I could have hoped for. I feel more conscious of myself, more confident, closer to nature, and closer to the Universal (God). I have never felt better physically and still have a long way to go." Why Andrei took the program: "The reason I took this specific program is that it presented itself to me when I had exhausted every other diet, exercise, nutrition, supplement, and coaching program and did not get any results. I was frustrated and going nowhere except down hill. I also wanted to help others in my family but, had no real answers or direction for them. Basically, I was ready to hear the truth and was open to the message."

Andrei Jablokow, Ph.D.

“I have been interested in health since I was a teenager, about 25 years now. No one I know is a health nut like me, not even in the slightest way. Having interest in nutrition and health has been a difficult road because of all the different ideas and information out there. I discovered the raw food diet years ago and now that I have finished the online program at Hippocrates I feel complete.

After all my studies over the years, the Hippocrates living foods lifestyle makes perfect sense to me. The benefits will be endless as time goes by, but for now I have to say my energy and digestion are reaping the benefits. My digestion is pretty much nonexistent now, whereas before I had troubles on a daily basis with my stomach. I have always had a lot of energy, but now I feel like a kid where I want to just run and play all day. I have been lucky throughout my life where my skin has been good. Since going on this living foods diet my skin shines.

Krina McNall

Company Name: Krina McNall

“Having always had a keen interest in health, nutrition and overall wellness, I became a Health Coach through a program I completed with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.Through the Hippocrates online program I now have a much better understanding of oxygen and water and the roles they play in overall health, along with the different therapies that are available.

I truly value the food combining module and talks on digestive enzymes. I am still not completely confident with the combinations of different foods, but I now know why I frequently had stomach discomfort after consuming a meal that I thought was a good combination.”

Veronica Romaine

Company Name: Veronica Romaine

“The online program touched on so many levels spiritually, physically and mentally. I have taken away so much to use in my daily life in order to grow and be successful in health, and achieving the positive relationships I deserve. It has provided me the strength to know there are many options when it comes to health and happiness and the first thing is to look within.

After taking on the challenge of a true commitment to health and finding what really matters to me, I now know how to find my inner strength and do what my heart tells me. The online program gives you the research, info and where the source is coming from. Anyone who wants be a health coach should take this program as well. I have taken the IIN health coaching program and I embrace the Hippocrates LifestyleTM and beliefs.”

John Sagona

Company Name: John Sagona

“This program has provided me with an abundance of information. I will never be the same because it opened my mind to so many aspects of health I didn't know. This program was so in depth and beyond bringing out so many talking points. I have practiced and shared all the information the course has provided to family and friends.

This program has helped me to grow and find my Dream Life to grow all my own food and to be the example and to plant seeds in my family and friends around me. I am so grateful for your program. I now grow all my own sprouts. I am starting a greenhouse. I am so much happier on this diet. I feel so great when I stick to my diet. Strong, healthy and alive. I have learned how to be patient and love people for where they are in life.

Terry Logue

Company Name: Terry Logue

“The Hippocrates LifestyleTM Online Program has significant value. Cooked food vs raw - Who knew? Sure, it makes sense that we cook the life out of something, but nobody speaks of enzyme loss and only with super high heat was I aware of vitamin loss. EYE OPENING in 2 words, this course.

In other words, it was its own value just giving me (and my family) what I needed. The value is intrinsic, inherent in the teaching and, by following the path of it, what it does to transform your life, your health, your outlook, etc.”

Suzanne O’Brien

Company Name: Suzanne O’Brien

“I have discovered a lot of information that I did not know before. I have managed to find a lot of answers to my questions and more important is that I have entered remission to my Hashimoto Thyroiditis after adopting and embracing 100% the Hippocrates LifestyleTM.

I wake up in the morning, happy and energized. My vision is clearer, my joint pain is gone, my back does not hurt anymore. I can focus on my work and do not get stressed too quick as I used to before. I have a general feeling of peace and wellbeing. Looking at the sprouts growing has also a highly balancing effect. I feel reborn.”

Corina Corda

Company Name: Corina Corda

“The Hippocrates LifestyleTM Online Program is invaluable. I went into this course wanting to learn a little more about sprouts and juicing with implementing more raw foods to my diet and walked away with so so much more. This program dove so deep in detail to many aspects of overall health and wellness as well as helping our environment.

This program is incredible with the amount of information that is given. The benefits of going through this program are so vast. I have already had a background in self healing, meditation and diet, but this really was like putting all the puzzle pieces together.”

Heidi Schetter

Company Name: Heidi Schetter


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The Hippocrates LifestyleTM Medicine Coaching program has over 80 contributors providing you with a powerful education in Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and to empower you to become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach. Some of our contributors are below:

Brian Clement

Ph.D., L.N.

Co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute and author of numerous books, Brian travels the world giving lectures on the benefits of a raw and living foods diet and the Hippocrates LifestyleTM

Anna Maria Clement

Ph.D., L.N.

Co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, Anna has brought a European approach to healing to the Institute. She travels the world with Brian lecturing on the Hippocrates LifestyleTM.

David Williams


Professor at the Linus Pauling Institute, Dr. Williams major current research efforts are on diet and cancer, phytochemicals, and specifically the maternal diet on cancer risk.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens

M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(H.C.), D.D.

A leading live-food vegan medical doctor, holistic physician and author, Gabriel Cousens is also Yogi, an Ayurvedic practitioner and Chinese herbalist.

John J. Ratey


A psychiatrist and an expert of neuropsychiatry, John is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the brain-fitness connection and author of the bestselling book on exercise: Spark.

Donna Gates


The internationally best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet, Donna re-introduced fermented foods to the US and coined the phrase “inner ecosystem” to describe the network of microbes in immunity.

Hans Diehl

H.Sc., M.P.H.

As a National Institutes of Health-supported research fellow in cardiovascular epidemiology, Hans evaluated the impact of the Pritikin Longevity Center. He is also a world-class speaker and author.

Jennifer Helene Popken


As the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Master Coach and Hippocrates Coach Trainer Jennifer leads the Coach Training at Hippocrates.  She is also the US representative of Patajali Yoga.

Will Tuttle


Author of The World Peace Diet, Dr. Tuttle spreads the message of how a vegan lifestyle promotes peace, kindness, health and creates sustainable living.

Jeffrey M. Smith

Mr. Smith’s documentary Genetic Roulette links genetically engineered food to health problems such as infertility and digestive disorders. His book, Seeds of Deception, is the world’s bestseller on GMOs.

Ellen Tart-Jensen

Ph.D., D.Sc., C.C.I.I.

An internationally recognized authority on iridology Ellen is renowned for her work in Comprehensive Iridology TM. Ellen has studied and worked in the field of Iridology and natural healing for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Gerald Pollack


University of Washington professor of bioengineering, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary. Dr. Pollack discovered a new phase of water.

Carla Hannaford


As a neurophysiologist and educator who has taught for more than forty years, Carla has shown the importance of movement in her lectures and incredible book: Smart Moves.

Antony Chatham

M. Phil., M.Th., MSW, LCSW

Antony Chatham is a Florida licensed Psychotherapist and a member of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, who has worked with Hippocrates Health Institute since 1994.

Dr. Richard Oppenlander

Dr. Oppenlander is a well-known activist, lecturer and author. He has written two books on the impact food choice has on the environment,”Comfortably Unaware” and “Food Choice and Sustainability”.

Tom Fisher

R.N., B.A.

A Nurse Supervisor at Hippocrates Health Institute and 17 year stage IV cancer survivor, Tom teaches at the institute and lectures throughout the United States.

Brian Hetrich

C.N.C., M.S.

Brian is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC), Master Organic Gardener and author. Brian has perfected the science of sprouting probably more so than anyone else in the world.

Dr. Janet Hranicky


The Founder and President of The American Health Institute, Inc., Dr. Hranicky is a leading pioneer in the field of pscyhoneuroimmunology and cancer.

Michel Odent


As one of the last real general surgeons, Michel is a French obstetrician and childbirth specialist. He is the author of 14 books in 22 languages, including Childbirth and the future of Homo sapiens.

Dr. George W. Yu


Faculty appointment George Washington University Medical Center, Department of Urology-1981 to present date. Clinical Professor of Urology, Dr. Yu has enormous experience and research that links health and nutrition.

Dr. Michael Galitzer


A nationally recognized expert in energy medicine, integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Galitzer is a leading figure and innovator in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. John A. McDougall


A physician and nutrition expert, Dr. McDougall has been studying, writing and speaking about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 30 years.

Gerard O’Donovan

Europe’s Leading Life Coach Trainer and Non-Executive Director and Past President of the IIC&M ( International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) the Worlds leading accreditation body for professional coaches.

Dr. Edward H. Gilbert


Edward H. Gilbert, M.D. was a board certified radiation oncologist. He completed his residency at Stanford University Medical Center in 1975 and lectured regularly at the Institute.

Dr. David Minkoff


Dr. Minkoff spends most of his time working with clients and researching and writing. In the online program Dr. Minkoff shares his work on Oxygen’s role on Health.

Dr. Tim Guilford


Dr. Tim Guilford is an expert on Glutathione. Through research he observed that toxins play a role in inflammation. This led him to develop ReadiSorb Glutathione.

Dr. Thomas E. Levy

M.D., J.D.

Author of ten books, Dr. Levy has researched how intravenous vitamin C neutralizes all toxins and resolves infections, as well as the dangers of calcium supplementation.

Dr. Joshua Helman, M.D.

Medical Doctor

Dr. Joshua Helman is the Medical Director at Hippocrates. His medical degree is from Harvard Medical School and MIT and as a plant-based physician, he embraces an integrative healthy lifestyle approach.

Dr. med. Hegall Vollert

Dr. Vollert is a pioneer in the Future of Therapy. He developed products fuzing quartz with vibrationally activated
minerals, and he is also an expert in running for health.

Ken Blue

As Hippocrates executive chef, Ken prepares cuisine for guests and leads raw and living food classes at the Institute. He is a world class raw, and living food chef.

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Co-Founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Viktoras has been a practitioner in the holistic field for over 35 years. He is the author of five books, including: Survival into the 21st Century.

Andy Bernay-Roman


Andy has been working as a mind/body psychotherapist at Hippocrates Health Institute for over twenty-six years. He has a wealth of experience in helping to discover the essence of solutions.

Bob Marshall


Dr. Marshall, Ph.D, CCN, DACBN was the CEO and founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL), a premier nutrition company that delivers quantum quality nutritional products.

Dr. Roy Speiser

As a scientist and consumer advocate, Dr. Speiser has dedicated his career to addressing, and solving, the catastrophic health impact of water and air toxicity.

Dr. Raleigh Duncan


All Clearlight Sauna ® models are not just made with high quality and craftsmanship, but with the knowledge and experience brought by Dr. Raleigh Duncan.

Bodhi da Silva

Involved in healing since his early childhood, Bodhi is a master of emotional intelligence. He teaches Thai massage, Chi Kong and body consciousness.

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