Today, we relegate health care to a cesspool of crisis. We do not act before symptoms occur. It is no wonder that this bizarre, inverted system most often fails in the conquest of disease. When we begin to honor our bodies, including our brain, which houses the mind, we will once again experience the remarkable health that was meant to be part of the human experience.

Anatomical and physiological science is highly interesting when observed in an open and fresh way. When you begin to comprehend the magnificence of the way 95 trillion cells work together in symphony through biochemistry, you recognize that it is aft at its best.

The exploration of the human body will continue as our emerging technology enlarges our understanding. Quantum biology, a deep look below the surface, has given us a new and exciting insight into how cells communicate with biochemicals such as hormones, interferon, interleukin, etc. It is this simple, yet awe-inspiring conjunction of matter and energy that produces the flesh and bones we identify as self.

In generations past, in an ecosystem of harmony and abundance, we were able to maintain our- selves and flourish in health. It was not until the Industrial Revolution, with the multitude of microbes (viruses and bacteria) born of unsanitary urban living conditions and the nascent, blundering manipulation of biology known as modern medicine, that our bodies began to suffer the burden that these artificial substances inflict.

The combination of microbes and dangerous chemicals burdened the immune system with an untenable amount of additional work. We began to see a plethora of new diseases develop. Without connecting the dots, the developing allopathic medical industry attacked these new, ever—emerging disorders with additional manufactured chemistry. When viewing this history, it is abundantly clear that we fell off-track and somehow have never managed to get back on.

Your biochemistry today is quite different than it would have been a couple of centuries ago. When our sophisticated diagnostic technologies look deeply into our blood, they validate the sad fact that all of us contain     a wide range of negative industrial chemicals, extraordinary and   unique microbes, and even some as yet unidentifiable life forms.

Today, our bodies spend much of the time preventing illness. Never before in history has the human       species been under such attack. Your cellular army, the immune system, constantly tries to decipher what new deviant is trying to invade your anatomy. You can imagine its exhaustion from the bombardment due to an untamed life of improper consumption. Nutrition is, without fail, the fundamental way that we build and rebuild healthy cells to create healthy organs and ultimately healthy people.

Under the current circumstances, we require significantly higher levels of nutrients than ever before just to maintain our systems. Modern living has placed health-appropriate vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids at a premium. We are starving the body while consuming a full-spectrum of “food stuff” Responding to the growing awareness of the importance of nutrition, the supplement industry offered laboratory created “junk supplements” that further damage the body without fulfilling essential nutritional requirements.

In an upcoming book, The Vitamin Myth, I critique the history of the supplement industry, exposing it as largely a varnished off- shoot of the pharmaceutical industry. There is a positive way to resolve our dilemma of nutritional needs. By simply eating an organic, whole food, predominantly raw diet, you will significantly enhance the body’s bioavailable nutritional supply. In addition, we can further assure more than adequate sustenance by using targeted P OWER-nutrient supplements.

After working with the tens of thou- sands of people whom we placed on whole food nutraceuticals, we have clearly established that one’s health can be regained and maintained by proper nourishment. Phytochemistry, the study of plant—based therapeutic substances, fully supports the role of nutrition in manifesting health. When supplements are produced from organic whole foods they provide a powerful team of nutrients, phytochemicals, oxygen, enzymes, and supportive hormones. While much of their dynamics are understood by nutritional biologists, there is still a frontier to further explore. We do acknowledge that although we have not discovered all there is in food-based nutrition, when consuming food in its purest form we receive the benefits in spite of our current ignorance.

Conduct a personal experiment. Take a proficient nutritional evaluation test, such as Spectracell, to discover which nutrients you lack. Fulfill your need by consuming natural- occurring supplements, those taken from nature, for one month. After this time do not consume the supplements for approximately a week and observe how you feel. From this point on we are sure that you’ll fully under- stand how important these dynamos are!

It is my commitment to offer you help in any way possible in your journey to a disease-free and vital life. My offering comes out of decades of laborious analysis and human trials. Please receive my help as it is intended to be given; as unadulterated advice emerging from extensive trial and error. At this critical time, we all stand at the crossroad of success or failure. We cannot afford to follow misguided hypotheses. Nourishment creates strength. The more aware we are of our own nutritional needs, the stronger we will become.

Em-Power yourself! Optimal nutrition can save your life!

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