The human body is a miraculous set of systems that we may never fully understand. The intestinal microflora, (more commonly known by scientists as the microbiota – tiny living things or bacteria) in the gasro intestinal “GI” system are crucial to human health. The environment consists of multiple layers of gelatinous or ‘jelly like” material located along the digestive tract in sections as thick as half an inch and in other areas as thin as one centimeter. The healthy intestinal microflora have a unique and distinct beneficial functions called “colonization resistance” that discourage pathogenic organisms from colonizing inside.

The intestinal microflora have many important disease preventing functions. Microflora work to improve food digestion, vitamin production, detoxification, and immune system response. The most important function to our health is protecting us against invasion by a world full of disease causing Walsh bacteria. The microbiota protective process starts at the beginning of the GI system, our mouth, and ends about twenty four feet later at our anus.

If we were to scrape the microbiota off the intestinal tract wall and set it on a scale, it would weigh on average about three pounds. Because this intestinal microflora comprises approximately 100 trillion bacteria cells, there are about 40% more cells in the microbiota microflora than the number of cells in the entire human body.

In God’s infinite wisdom, He gave this tiny ecosystem a much bigger role in human immune response and food-processing than all of the organs of the body combined. Japanese scientists have provided information that will help us put into perspective the importance of our microbioticmetabolites, and the knowledge we need to maintain this amazing system.

We can learn to significantly improve this elaborate ecosystem so that it will detoxify, cleanse and protect our health at a higher level than what is considered normal. With this advanced knowledge, we can provide a “Garden of Eden” like environment that will efficiently support better metabolism, digestion and absorption, distribution of nutrients, and total immune system support.

Our three pounds of microbiota has a separate and distinct metabolism from our own body, yet it is a part of us. Our body is host to intestinal microflora and highly dependent on this complex and very independent ecosystem. If we mistreat our intestinal microbiota. over time, they will most certainly reciprocate. The inevitable result will be a serious disease – or multiple diseases – that will attack our cells and body systems. Scientists tell us this human microbial ecosystem is precisely where 90% of all diseases start and then manifest themselves somewhere in the body. Fortunately, we now know that by controlling to a large extent what we eat and using SEIGEN LIFEFORCE our intestinal microbiota can also be where the solution to health problems begin as well. However, we must emphasize that SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE is not a probiotic, properly described, it is an advanced biofermentic probiotic metabolite complex that is beyond a probiotic.

By supporting our intestinal microflora and by eating foods that help our ecological garden to flourish, such as clean, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables and other real foods, we create a coral-reef-type ecological environment inside our gastro intestinal tract.

Our beneficial bacteria will thrive and produce internal metabolites that neutralize harmful chemicals and toxins. Gradually our body will be detoxified. Creating a healing environment for optimal health is a paradigm of great importance.

In managing your intestinal microflora, keep prominently in your mind that certain destructive factors can intervene to inhibit metabolite activity and shift the advantage over in favor of the harmful pathogenic bacteria in your body. This results in unwelcome and often painful onslaughts against your health.

Prolonged stress, ingestion of alcoholic beverages, junk foods, a habitually shoddy diet, antibiotic treatment, pain killers, cortisones, anti-inflammatory drugs, extreme mental fatigue, and a host of other factors can disturb the balance in your delicate intestinal eco-system. Under these conditions, malicious harmful bacteria can gain predominance, take over and inflict unwelcome health challenges and diseases create a host of painful miseries, and in more extreme cases, even cause death.

As the result of extensive scientific studies performed in Japan over the last seventy years, the use of a nutraceutical product that delivers powerful probiotic metabolite complexes has been developed and is enjoyed by over 100,000 Japanese citizens. This product, called SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE, is now available in the United States and is showing great promise in delivering improved functional health.

SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE has demonstrated the following attractive benefits: remarkable improvement of intestinal microflora action * reduced stress effect * improvement of liver and kidney functions * substantial increases in mood, energy and stamina *better deep REM sleep *increase in anti-oxidant power amelioration of sugar predominance* anti-mutagenic action in cells *enhanced immune function.

Other studies show it also: synthesizes substances to combat infection *reduces arteriosclerosis causing lipid peroxide *accelerates wound healing * improves resistance to multiple health problems* exerts anti-proliferative effect on gram negative E. coli and carcinogenic bacteria *performs many other positive health functions.

SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE    is increasingly recognized in Japan, and now in North America, as the only true “Super-Nutrient” in the world today, primarily because of the product’s ability to deliver large amounts of the metabolites produced outside the internal microflora system and then safely delivering them to the microbiota internally. It does this at levels that could never be produced in the internal system before, even if we had a perfect diet and a perfect internal environment.

By delivering these symbiotically perfected metabolite compounds, the internal environment is enhanced and ultimately enabled to flourish into a highly productive “victory garden” under ideal soil, sun, air, nutrient and water conditions. SEIGEN LIFEFORCE creates a situation that is analogous to a “controlled incubated environment” or an optimal growth environment in which friendly bacteria multiply rapidly.

As we approach the end of our adult life, (old age can be from 39 to 99 depending on our life long health habits) the total amount of microbiota starts to fall off as the years advance from 100%, 90%, 80% and so on. In other words, advanced age results in the progressive loss of intestinal microflora from the previously more ideal environment in the microbial garden.

Unfortunately, when this happens, certain opportunistic harmful bacteria, some of which are referred to as the Welch bacteria, begin to take over where the beneficial microbiota were previously dominant. With the inevitable advancement of age, the body becomes progressively unable to process the harmful chemical poisons that are universally present in earth, air, and water. Welsh bacteria and myriads of other destructive microorganisms, which are at home in the impaired intestinal environment, progressively dominate, accelerating the aging process. If you have ever visited an old folks home” you may have noticed in the air a somewhat foul odor. It is caused primarily by the inability of most elderly seniors to maintain internal detoxing and cleansing, due to the impaired state of the microbiotic environment within their intestinal tract.

Unfortunately, this condition marks the beginning of the death phase in a human life. The individual’s body literally becomes self polluting, because of the inability to internally rid the body of accumulated poisons through the normal intestinal means of detoxification.

Prominent Japanese scientists have discovered and developed over the last seventy years, a complex symbiotic culturing method using sixteen premium probiotic strains. With this highly sophisticated methodology and technical know-how they have produced very special metabolornic compounds that will, throughout our life cycle, elevate the total amount of microbiota by about 10%. By means of this very complex culturing method, they have demonstrated reduction of the amount of opportunistic Welsh bacteria by about 10% al I throughout the adult life cycle. Due to this 20% net positive effect on the intestinal microflora, health effects often described as ‘miraculous” have been observed.

This is totally remarkable, but it gets even better. Amazingly, when a person proceeds into old age and consistently consumes SEIGEN LIFE FORCE, that person’s microbiota level does not diminish. The elderly person is able to maintain a much higher level of microbiota, better metabolism, better digestion, and better nutrient absorption. Less old age related symptoms are experienced until the final day of life. Therefore a vastly improved quality of life is realized and enjoyed, even well into old age. I have traveled to many countries in search of natural health products and I am certain that SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE has no equal. It is truly one of a kind. I have personally used this product for two years and I wiII never be without it.

I can say with great conviction that I have never experienced a nutraceutical in my many years in the industry that is able to help a person achieve this level of advanced health.

The term “Supernutrient” applied to SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE is not overstated. It is a natural nutritional product like no other.

SEIGEN LIFEFORCE is sold in individual serving packets, 90 servings to a box is a onemonth supply.

You can order SEIGEN LIFE-FORCE from the Hippocrates Store by calling 561-471-8867 ext. 124.

Charles K. Green is host of the syndicated radio program Better Health Talk Radio. President of American Standard Nutraceuticals & Mister GreenGenes Nutrition Centers. Bette&

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