• Eidon Immune Support, Liquid Concentrate 2 oz

    $23.95 $19.16

  • Eidon Chromium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Chromium is a trace mineral essential for the proper metabolism of cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar), as well as insulin production and regulation.

    Chromium decreases insulin resistance and reduces the body’s level of triglycerides.

    It also helps to control obesity and can stimulate weight loss. 

  • Eidon Silica, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Of all the minerals important for good health, silica is by far the most underrated and misunderstood mineral of all.

    It is the seventh most prevalent element in human tissue after calcium.

    Almost everyone is deficient in silica due precisely to our refinement of grain. 

    Silica is an essential mineral involved in collagen formation and calcium management.*

  • Eidon Zinc, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Zinc is essential for proper healing, immune function, and cell growth.*

    Zinc is an essential mineral that has proven to assist multiple body system functions, including the cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic, musculoskeletal and immune system. 

    Zinc can enhance the sense of taste and smell, and is rapidly depleted by stress.*

  • Eidon Selenium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Selenium is essential for proper immune system function and free radical control.*

    Research shows Selenium to play positive roles in immune system function, viral mutation suppression, heavy metal detoxification,  reproduction, mood, thyroid function, cardiovascular health and inflammation.*

  • Eidon Potassium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Potassium is essential for proper heart rhythm, normal blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.*

    As an essential electrolyte, potassium works with sodium, magnesium and calcium to regulate blood pressure and transmit nerve impulses.  Potassium stimulates cellular contraction and is necessary for the proper balance and delivery of glucose into cells.*

  • Eidon Multiple Mineral, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    This formula reflects current guidelines for optimal mineral balance.*

    Minerals are the catalysts which activate all enzyme activity. 

    Without a full complement of ionic minerals available at the cellular level normal body functions are disrupted.*

  • Eidon Magnesium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)

    $23.95 $19.16

    Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 enzyme actions in the body.*

    Magnesium is essential for normal heart function, nerve impulse transmission, muscle relaxation, and calcium management. 

    Symptoms of deficiency include muscle cramps, headache, and fatigue.

  • Glaser Farms Golden Flax Seed Cracker (4oz)

    $7.75 $6.20

    Made fresh from Glaser Organic Farms to you! 

    Gently dehydrated at low temperatures.

    Certified Organic by QCS.

  • Glaser Farms Curry Nori Crackers (2oz)

    $8.00 $6.40

    Made fresh from Glaser Organic Farms to you! 

    Gently dehydrated at low temperatures.

    Certified Organic by QCS.

  • Glaser Farms Sesame Nori Crackers (2oz)

    $8.00 $6.40

    Made fresh from Glaser Organic Farms to you! 

    Gently dehydrated at low temperatures.

    Certified Organic by QCS.

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  • Eidon Immune Support, Liquid Concentrate 2 oz

    $23.95 $19.16

  • Foundation to Accredited Professional Coach Training


    21 hours
    In this foundation to Accredited Professional Coach Training Course, you will get a sense of if Accredited Professional Coach Training is for you. You will gain clarity on what Coaching really is, the difference between Coaching and therapy and what our Full Coach Training really entails.

  • The Future of Immunity and Nutrition


    21 hours
    In this introductory course, you will gain tremendous depth into the world of the Hippocrates Lifestyle. You will get clarity on why this is the premium lifestyle for immune boosting, insight into protein in a plant-based diet, the truth of blended food versus juicing, the impact of raw versus living food, what fasting means for us at Hippocrates (it is not water fasting), recipes, and the power of enzymes.

  • Health and Immunity Essentials


    10 hours
    Dive into an intro to the renowned Hippocrates Lifestyle with this online program. In 10 hours you will learn about the benefits of the Hippocrates Lifestyle, and gain practical knowledge on how to implement the lifestyle in your life and your family’s life. Additionally, you will learn about what specific tools you need and get delicious recipes all from our acclaimed staff at Hippocrates.

  • Coronavirus Support Offer – Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program


    Train to become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach. The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program, comprised of 20 courses, will teach you the science and show you how to practically implement an organic, vegan, raw and living foods, plant-based diet and healthy, sustainable lifestyle and train you to become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach. Click Here for financing options

  • Supervised Coaching Masterclass with Gerard O’Donovan – March 9th 2020 ONLY


    Coach Training

  • Practitioner Coach Diploma


    Accredited Coach Training

  • Accredited Coach Training – DIPLOMA Downpayment


    Accredited Coach Training

  • Supergreens Powder


    This advanced, green-food formulation combines the most powerful superfoods from the land, lakes and oceans to alkalize, nourish and cleanse the body. The superior ingredients support healthy immune function and help increase energy levels.

  • ZEN-Ocean Marine Phytoplankton


    The most bioavailable and complete food on the planet. Sustainable 100% vegan source of Long Chain Omega 3 EPA

    Excellent food for joints, Endocrine System, Brain, Nervous System, Heart, Gut, Liver, and Skin

  • Hippocrates Core Kit


    Introducing The Hippocrates Core Kit of vital supplements for daily use and optimal health. 6 of our best selling supplements for a great price!!

    B12 Magnified 400 capsules

    Chlorella 450 capsules

    Systemic Enzymes 180 capsules

    Digestive Enzymes 180 capsules

    Sun D 60 capsules

    Probiotic Maintenance 30 capsules

  • MeltAway Weight Loss


    Melt Away Weight Loss is an enzyme complex that offers a safe and proven way to help the body eliminate unwanted fats. .

  • Accredited Coach Training & Hippocrates Online Program for Alumni


    Coach Training & Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program for Alumni

  • Accredited Coach Training & Hippocrates Online Program


    Coach Training & Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program

  • Glass Sprouting Jar 1/2 gallon


    Stainless steel mesh lid sprouting jar.

  • Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea 16 bags


    We blend Echinacea Root, widely used by herbalists to support immune function, with herbs traditionally used to support respiratory function. With Peppermint, Lemongrass and Licorice, Echinacea Immune Support tea is a delicious way to support your immune system.

  • Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea 16 bags


    Used by ancient Greeks and Romans to aid digestion, we carry on the tradition of Peppermint by using the finest leaves to create a vibrant tea recognized by herbalists to help ease minor indigestion and occasional heartburn. Enjoy a soothing cup of Purely Peppermint tea for a refreshing treat of after-meal delight.

  • Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea 16 bags


    In this blissful blend we combine Helichrysum, believed by herbalists to uplift the subconscious, and Shankpushpi, used in Ayurveda to support awareness. Aromatic Lavender and Sage complete this unique formula. Sit back and enjoy a cup of Relaxed Mind tea to bring you to a state of tranquility.

  • Organic Licorice Root Tea 16 bags


    Called “sweet stalk” in Sanskrit and “sweet herb” in Chinese, licorice is loved around the world, not only for its sweetness, but for its role in supporting respiratory and digestive health.* We work closely with sustainable wild-collectors from Central Asia to source some of our favorite licorice.

  • Organic Ginger Herbal Tea 16 bags


    Ginger’s pungent and peppery bite has been an international hit for centuries. This flowering plant grows easily with heat and humidity, and flourishes in subtropical and tropical climates. We created this tea using high-quality ginger rhizomes, or roots, to soothe your tummy and spice up your day.*

  • Organic Spearmint Tea 16 bags


    Used throughout time in foods and body care products, spearmint is known to refresh and enliven the spirit. Freshen up inside and out with this rejuvenating and distinctly spearminty tea, sourced in part from a collective of organic farmers in Egypt that works to enhance their quality of life.

  • Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 16 bags


    Raspberry leaf has been a Girls’ best friend for thousands of years, used for daily cycle support, menstrual cramps and during pregnancy to help prepare the womb for childbirth. Some of our favorite grows wild in the rolling meadows of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where families collect them by hand.


  • Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Tea


    Bitter is the better way to get your digestive juices flowing, improving your body’s digestive process. Some of the best and bitter (in a good way) dandelion roots are sustainably harvested from the wild meadows of Poland and Bosnia. Dug up, separated from the stems, leaves and flowers, washed and dried, the roots are then roasted whole before being cut up to be used in this tea.

  • Replacement Filter Pack for Oransi Max Purifier


    • Complete set of replacement filters for the Max air purifier.
    • Filter pack includes a replacement for each filter in the Max Air Purifier: one each of the pre-filter, v-HEPA air filter and the activated carbon filter.
    • The filters should be replaced with every 12 months of use.
    • Please contact us if you are unsure which filter to order.
    • This filter is for use in the Max air purifier:
  • Replacement Filter Pack for Oransi Finn Purifier


    Replacement filters for the Finn air purifiers. Filter pack includes 3 carbon pre-filter and one v-HEPA air filter. The v-hepa filter has a life up to 2 years and should be checked every 1 – 2 months and cleaned if necessary. The v-hepa filter that can remove up to 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

  • Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup w/Straw


    Bamboo Fiber products are made of 70 percent bamboo resin mixed with colorant, which is made of bio-based bamboo fiber compound material. The Vacucraft bamboo fiber products are also biodegradable, FDA and LFGB BPA-Free and also non-slip grips.

    Not only do they look great but they also help the planet stay green!

    1 cup a day makes a big impact on our environment. Help your ocean with biodegradable and sustainable bamboo fibers cup.

  • Chlorella 450ct


    LifeGive Chlorella is a single cell Green Algae. It is an excellent source of protein that is easily digested. Chlorella has many benefits to assist in the achievement of optimal wellbeing. It helps the body to get more out of vitamins and minerals, and with blood sugar regulation, for both Hyper and Hypo glycemic episodes.

  • Hawaii Pharm Papaya 2oz. (Carica Papaya)


    Papaya leaves are brimming with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that do everything from supporting digestion, to promoting healthy hair, to fighting different types of cancer. This product helps to increase blood platelet creation, makes your skin grow, boosts immune system, and also helps as an anti-inflammatory.


  • Hippocrates Lifeforce (Russian)


    For over 50 years the Hippocrates Health Institute has helped guide individuals from around the world to heal from debilitating illness with their pioneering research into the restorative power of live, enzyme-rich food.


  • Simply Sprouts By Linda Frees


    Linda Frees (Hippocrates Health Educator, Living Food Instructor, and TV personality) has been growing sprouts in her kitchen window sprout garden for two decades now. After trying dozens of sprouting systems and gadgets she’s come up with the simplest way to grow sprouts in any climate or space.

  • Nuestros Amigos Invisbles By Sandra Rangel


    It is a useful book for all readers and not only for those who suffer from chronic diseases. Here you will discover that inflammation, migraines, anxiety, autism, difficulty concentrating and disorders, such as depression or insomnia, can be caused by poor diet and inappropriate lifestyle.

  • Real Kids Real Food (kids-tested recipes)


    Real Kids Real Food Kids-Tested Recipes is a fun, hands-on recipe book for parents, children and teachers. This book is based on four years of working with after-school programs introducing healthy fruits and vegetables to at-risk inner-city children ages 5-12.

  • The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons


    The spiritual and healing qualities of 390 members of the mineral kingdom are detailed here in The Pocket Book of Stones, Robert Simmons’s condensed reference guide to crystals and gems.

  • Life Loves You Cards by Louise Hay


    Like Louise Hay’s perennial best-sellers, Power Thought Cards and Wisdom Cards, the LIFE LOVES YOU CARDS contain affirmations that plant seeds for personal growth and transformation. 

  • I Think, I Am! by Louise Hay and Kristina Tracy


    “Your thoughts create your life!” This is the message that Louise Hay has been teaching people throughout the world for more than 25 years. Now, children can learn and understand the powerful idea that they have control over their thoughts and words and in turn, what happens in their life.

  • Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet


    Sproutman provides a generous diet of super-charged drinks that is both flexible enough for beginners and challenging enough for pros. Start reading and start drinking your way to health!