The first time I came to Hippocrates Health Institute was in 1992. An 80+ year-old columnist in a financial newsletter answered a lady who had asked why he was so vibrant and active at his age. His answer was easy, every year for three weeks he went to Hippocrates to rejuvenate. He gave me the telephone number. I called and made my reservation. I knew how my late husband struggled with Lou Gehrig’s disease for six years and caring for him made me aware of health concerns. So I came to West Palm Beach to Hippocrates not a vegetarian and not knowing what to expect other than what the man said, “Hippocrates helped him to stay young”. After having been at Hippocrates for three weeks I had learned to love the new lifestyle. I became a vegetarian. Now I am 81 years old myself and I am always amazed that people are “blown away” when I tell them my age. It is the Hippocrates lifestyle that keeps me young and energetic.

Hippocrates inspired me to learn more about food preparation. It is not easy to always stick with raw uncooked foods, especially when eating out, however, one thing is sure for me, when I go back to the uncooked, healthy way of eating I feel better and I am happy with increased energy. Hippocrates Health Institute shows the way! I use their food recipes and add my own discoveries.

The last stay at Hippocrates was in September of 2002. I came to learn about Nutripuncture in workshops given by Jean-Loup Fayolle from France who teaches “Driving One’s Life” by understanding the relationships between organs/emotions/behavior. I was wondering if this treatment could help me with a problem. Some time ago I lost my sense of smell. I was not bothered by that except two years ago I got very sick after I had for two weeks inhaled gas from a stove pilot light. I could not smell the gas! It will take time to find out if Nutripuncture can bring back my sense of smell, however, I am encouraged by what I saw and heard in regards to pain, sleeplessness, and emotional problems as I could witness the results the other participants had in the group.

It is the beauty of a stay at Hippocrates that you learn the lifestyle every day from the expertise and care you get from the highly trained staff of the Institute and besides, your days are also filled with lectures and the observations of experts brought in, yet nothing is “shoved down your throat”. You are free to make your own choice of the events you want to attend by listening to the needs of your body.

Meditation, yoga, body cleansing, exercise, food preparation, including sprouting and growing wheatgrass, all is available. If one misses a lecture, one probably can read up on the subject in the handbook you receive when you get there. The handbook is priceless.

Hippocrates Health Institute: I love you. You are an extension of my family.

Vol 21 Issue 4 page 6


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