The flexibility of Mr. Iyengar at the age of 93. The inspirational flow of sacred words at The Agape Church with Brother Michael Beckwith. The inquisitive, metaphysical nature of investigating the Source with David Wilcox. Brother Gabriel Cousens, MD, is “downloading” to us and living what Spiritual Nutrition can look like. Brian Clement and Dr. Bruce Lipton are sharing the new quantum biology and epigenetics. This is what is possible for us all.

We can laugh with awareness at the intrigue of Illuminati nonsense and the bombardment of low vibrational symbolism. It’s time to rise up and disconnect from all the predictive programming. Put away the toys of illusion, focus with loving intent and join the real reality that we are co-creating.

Break the chains of the advertising world that is constantly attempting to entrap you at every turn of the dial in the commercial, lamestream media realm. They are looking for slaves. They are “pushers” of negativity, ignorance and warped priorities.

One doesn’t need to be an Einstein to see this hoopla is all sponsored by the meat, dairy, “modern” medical and pharmaceutical madness industry. The Light is within and not outside the self. One can search for peace throughout the galaxy, yet the only true peace anyone can tap into resides in their own heart and mind as it yearns to emanate and express itself through every smile, act and deed. Together let’s rediscover a new life force. Let’s allow our brains to function at a cosmic peak, breaking our years of indoctrination.

Of course there may be some personal detox purgatory to go through as one finds forgiveness within for all the garbage and self-projected “sins” that have accumulated in the body/mind over the years.

The damages of dead thoughts and dead food do not just miraculously disappear. There is a process one must go through. This is where our combined efforts of support, clarity and sharing with gratitude nourish the soul to overcome any pre-conceived obstacles.

While you can certainly accomplish a lot through nutrition, you will accomplish 10 times more by combining it with some sort of daily physical and mental exercise.

The holistic model of wellness I hold true, contains six basic principles that I will innumerate. Approach each of these with purpose, but move at a pace you can handle and are comfortable with.

Exercise The Body

Continuously challenge your body regardless of your physical age. Use it or lose it. If you’ve ever heard of getting into “the zone” through athletic activity, that is the answer.

If you wanna live, you gotta move! Exercise your face by chewing your food really well. All the blending and juicing is good, but remember to get into chewing. All of a sudden you are exercising all your facial muscles—skin conditions clear up, tonality appears and you start looking younger.

There are many ways to get physically fit. Swim under the sun, run to the farmers market, dance in the moonlight. Harvest the vibrant energy that you create and radiate your true essence!

Exercise the Mind

To exercise the mind it’s always best to refrain from fatty foods. Like any other muscle, the brain needs exercise on a daily basis. The phrase “use it or lose it” refers to our entire being. Listen to inspiring lectures and music. Read challenging books and writings outside of the box of “common” knowledge.

Pythagoras, an amazing mathematician and great spiritual adventurer said: “God is a mathematician; you wanna talk God talk, talk mathematics.” So dive into thinking, mathematics is the gymnastics of the mind. Seek and find what inspires your mind, what fascinates you, what uplifts your spirit and metaphysically run with it!

Meditation and Stillness of the Mind

I spent close to 50 years involved in the field of meditation and the quiet mind. I was totally ignorant when I first got started so one need not have experience. Find, create or manifest time for yourself to explore this discipline.

It was meditation that guided me into fasting. It brought me to levels of clarity and awareness that is only possible by going silently within. It’s all within your reach.

Being in a state of creativity is also a form of meditation. Write, paint, draw, play music, do breath-work. All these avenues are methods that bring a specific focus and block out the crazy mind chatter.

Adequate Rest

Diet, exercise and adequate rest will vary based on your activities and choices. If you are extremely physical you may need nine hours sleep, yet while on a juice fast, you may only need seven. There is no set chart or guidebook, only one’s own feeling of well-being.

Something you can do anytime and anywhere is to kneel down and do what is called the child pose. Try it two or three times a day and you will feel yourself rejuvenated in 1?–?2 minutes.

A few things are certain. Super-foods, greens and enzymes will support you tremendously while you go through your sleep regenerating. By eating very little during the day or going to bed hungry, you cut back your sleep needs by at least 25%, so rest is variable. And remember, it’s always wise not to eat for two hours prior to bedtime.

Honoring Nature

Explore your environment and find the gifts of nature within your reach. Do your best to spend time in nature, whether it is in the city park, a beautiful countryside, or hiking in the mountains, find what is in your vicinity. Nature talks to you and empowers you.

Take your shoes off for some “earthing”. Get barefoot and get grounded. This is something that cannot be understated. Reconnecting with Mother Nature is one of the best things one can do when it comes to rebalancing the body temple.

This is especially so when surrounded by computers, cell towers, TVs and power lines. Our bare feet on the earth recharge the mind and soul.

It’s just like a laptop computer. It will only work properly for a period of time before it needs to be plugged in again to be recharged. The body is exactly the same. So take the time to smell the flowers and observe wildlife.

Optimal Live-It (Not Die-It)

Quiet your mind so you are not constantly reaching for comfort foods. Avoid cooked foods, unhealthy oils, non-soaked nuts and seeds and anything that’s been processed. When ingesting these foods, one feels that they can never get enough.

Ration what your mind is saying about the size of your plate, as it should never be more than three cups in size if it was all blended together. Two cups is preferable.

Eat only when your stomach is empty. Always chew your food extremely well. Bless your meals; celebrate with gratitude and prayer and try to minimize your talk while eating.

The most powerful foods are sprouts, seaweeds, sea vegetables, baby greens, soaked seeds and nuts, fermented cheeses and sauerkraut. These are the best preventive “medicine” protection and immune system boosters.

You can accelerate the process of rebuilding and strengthening the temple by taking enzyme supplements as well as incorporating blue green algae for expanded consciousness and as a supply of full spectrum minerals. It’s time for humanity to rid itself of the whole DIE-it concept and reclaim our birthright heritage of LIVE-it!

Another precious practice is laughter therapy. When the insanity of the world starts to feel overwhelming or seems to be hindering your spiritual progress, just keep saying, “You’ve gotta be kidding me, that’s not real!” Find something that amuses you, listen to your favorite comedian, watch a good comedy or simply reminisce about humorous experience in your past.

When one taps into their joyous heart, laughter happily resonates through every cell in their body. Uncontrolled emotions are then shifted from fear, sadness or anxiety into the total immersion of self directly connecting to Source. When you get the mind and happy belly in motion, you get rid of negative emotion.

Oxygen intake is very important. Work on expanding your lung capacity by breathing fully and deeply. Most are unaware how shallow their breathing is. It truly takes awareness and discipline to inhale and completely fill the lungs. If you must live in a polluted city, then at least take some steps to have clean air in your home. Many air filtration systems don’t require changeable cartridges. You can clean them yourself, so that you at least sleep at night and spend part of the day in a clean environment.

Oxygen levels in the city are about 10% of the air versus 15% in the countryside. At one time it used to be 40%, yet now we have far more limited oxygen reserves. Find more gratitude for the air, and harvest the spiritual flame that the breath of fire bestows upon you.

This is the entry into the 2013 era of ever accelerating bliss, brothers and sisters. The invitation is to join me in celebration. Absorb the words in Survival that resonate in your being and learn the best way of preparing yourself for re-entering into a state of bliss, health, happiness and holiness.

In humble love and service to all blossoming gods and goddesses in the making. We unfold our true divinity, and thus remember we are unlimited.

We are One…?


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