My greatest blessing was to have my daughter even though I became so weakened after her birth as I was paralyzed for three months. I thought I would never walk again but I started dragging myself from place to place and for the first time I realized that the mind was a powerful friend in my life. My marriage was unhealthy so I moved beyond it to raise my daughter alone.

Recalling back from the time I was thirteen to the time I arrived at Hippocrates I was a compulsive over-eater. Even though I tried many things I could never curb my appetite or reduce my weight. When entering Hippocrates I had high hopes but truly did not expect big results. I was shocked to find out my attendance allowed me to write a concerto of my life. It all came together. I found a way to fine tune all the parts of myself. I realized what I had been doing with food and by continuing my former diet I would never break out of the cycle. When I visited a friend at Hippocrates I thought that it was only for catastrophic diseases. Now I realize the Institute can help all of us save our lives from any and all of our problems. I entered the Institute at 175 pounds and within a few weeks had reduced to 120 pounds, feeling and looking 25 years younger.

My cholesterol had dropped 100 points which was the biggest life saver over the three week program.

Although I have remained on the program very closely over the years, I slipped a bit this summer, not from the vegetarianism but to more cooked food. I am back on the raw foods program to get myself back to a comfortable weight. Hippocrates is the only real weight loss program that also gives you back your health.

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